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2017-18 Programs


You're Invited!

  • SPAS meeting are held at The Sunshine Center,   330 - 5th Street N., St. Petersburg (near City Hall and the Coliseum). 
  • Meeting are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 
  • Meet and greet begins at 6:30 p.m., programs begin at 7 pm.
  • Free parking is available on south side of the building
  • SPAS programs are free and open to the public.

2017/18 Program Schedule
 October 17  The Louise Graham Regeneration Center - Charley  Ball

Who was Louise Graham and what is her relationship to birds? Charley Ball will explain how Mrs. Graham improved the quality of life for developmentally disabled adults by teaching them both basic employable skills and an appreciation of nature.
 November 21
The Big Turtle Year: Celebrating Wild Turtles Across the United States - George Heinrich

Turtles play significant ecological roles, are visible elements in many habitats, and are the most endangered wildlife taxa in the world.  While species from areas such as Asia, South America, and Madagascar often receive the majority of conservation attention, the plight of the 59 species which occur in the United States quietly goes unnoticed. During 2017, Florida Turtle Conservation Trust researchers are traveling throughout the country accompanied by other biologists and conservationists in an effort to see as many species as possible during a single year, while increasing awareness regarding their rich diversity, natural history, and conservation needs.
 January 16
Birding Amongst Greenland's Glaciers - Lindsay & Tom Bell

What's not to love about a country with Polar Bears, 200 year old Bowhead Whales, fascinating insects that freeze solid each winter only to thaw back to life in summer, jellyfish measuring six feet across, enchanting ice formations, trees just three inches tall that are several hundred years old, and scores of spectacular seabirds?

 February 20
Getting to Know Florida Native Plants for Birds - Bruce Turley

Florida native plants evolved here with the birds that reside and migrate in Florida, making them the top choices for planting in your wildlife friendly landscape. Learn about some of the great native plants you can use for attracting and sustaining birds in your yard in a casual presentation with actual plants examples.
 March 20
Adventures with Swallow-tailed Kites - Margi Haas

Margi Haas will share her experiences with and photos of the Swallow-tailed kites she has encountered in the Sarasota area. It all started in the summer of 2016 when 44 of these beautiful birds roosted in a neighborhood tree morning and evening for six weeks before migrating south over the Gulf to South America. This is a rare occurrence in a residential area. Margi has continued to learn about and observe these kites this year, and is coordinating with expert avian biologists researching this imperiled species. She will share what she has learned and the bigger story as well. Join her for a journey into the fascinating world of Swallow tailed kites! Since moving to Sarasota three years ago, Margi has become an avid birder and aspiring citizen scientist.
 April 17
“Sensing Wildlife©” - Sensing Nature - Jeanne Murphy & Brian Lane

Despite the urbanization sweeping across the state, Florida maintains an exciting diversity of wildlife species, including those living in our backyards. During this very interactive, hands-on presentation, learn how increasing your outdoor awareness will assist you in noticing wildlife signs, as well as identifying wildlife presence without actually seeing any animals. Vocalizations, scats and tracks are only a few ways Sensing Nature biologists Jeanne Murphy and Brian Lane will lead you through your sensory awareness adventure.