2013: Bird Stewards & Rooftop Results

    Indian Shores had 100 fledglings and Fort De Soto had some Wilson’s plovers. Skimmers had better success.  The sanctuary has eroded considerably.  The rains wiped out a lot of nests this year.  Hats were given out in appreciation to volunteers.

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    For additional information about Bird Steward Programs around the state please visit the Florida Shorebird Alliance.

    Thanks to Saskia Janes for coordinating our bird stewarding efforts!

    Rooftop Nesting Birds: Least Terns, Black Skimmers & Oystercatchers

    Photo by Kim Kandz

    Banding Least Term from Vctor Distibuting Rooftop

     Bird Stewards featured in Bay Soundings

    Birds and Rooftop Stewards are featured in the summer issue of Bay Soundings.

    Bay Sounding Summer Issue