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Chick Flicks

LETE on Rooftop

Least Terns returned to our Pinellas rooftops in 2015!  We'll be posting "chick flicks" throughout the nesting season - you can preview the latest flick here:

This is a rooftop in Clearwater. Enjoy!

YouTube Video

Least Tern Chicks

Moog Road LETEs

Chick Flicks!

You can also view our Chick Flicks from 2011 too!

Latest Chick Flick

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To see the full high-resolution version of ALL the Chick Flicks visit our YouTube channel#2.

We'll be releasing more throughout the season and posting them so please like and subscribe to our channels to automatically get notified of new videos!

In 2010, we added a camera to our "chick-a-boom"- creating a "chick-a-flick", which we use to make (what else) - "chick flicks"!

Here's a couple of "chick flicks" for you (click on the titles to see the movie):

Dinner for One - a Least Tern chick gets excited at the prospect of dinner 

Rock? or Not? - a small pebble turns into a hungry little bird!

You can see all the "chick flicks" on our YouTube channel. Enjoy them!

But remember -- the best hope for the continued survival of these rooftop birds is a safe beach they can't fall off!