Support Audubon Adventures

Audubon Adventures helps 3rd through 5th graders form positive attitudes about nature and supports teachers with instructional content aligned with national standards for Social Studies (with an emphasis on Civics), Science, and Language Arts.
  • Each Audubon Adventures kit comes with a Classroom Resource Manual and different editions of our student newspaper.
  • The teacher’s manual has four main sections with classroom tips, hands-on activities, and background material for teachers.
  • Finally, a glossary, a list of resources, correlations to science, language arts, and social studies standards, and an Audubon directory can be found in the back of the manual.

  *NEW* An all-new Audubon Adventures kit is now available!  Click on the thumbnails to learn more about this exciting new kit - “Action for Planet Earth.”

St. Petersburg Audubon supplies Audubon Adventures to over 40 classes each school year at no cost to the school system. Each kit costs $42 dollars; we incur over $1600 in expenses each year. We feel this is a small price for showing children the wonders of Earth's habitats and natural resources.

Would you like to help? Contact us about sponsoring a class!