Our Goal:

The mission of St. Petersburg Audubon Society is to protect and restore natural ecosystems important to birds and other wildlife through responsible activism and education. 

SPAS sponsors many educational outreach programs, all free to participants. Our education committees include professional educators, members of the local scientific community, and enthusiastic volunteers.

Our Programs:

Dr. Gabe Vargo Raptors on the Move : a groundbreaking education program designed to bring the world of raptor movements and migration into primary and secondary school classrooms.

Navigating Nature : a free camp for kids grades 4 through 8, held monthly at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. Campers are provided the opportunity to experience nature up-close-and-personal through a variety of activities including nature walks, animal encounters, crafts, and hands-on science .

Dr. Harold Albers Teacher Ecology Camp: The vision of benefactor Dr. Harold Albers, Teacher Ecology Camp is a science camp for educators which combines presentations from the local scientific community with practical in-the-field experience. Teacher Ecology Camp is presented in collaboration with Sensing Nature educators & biologists, Jeanne Murphy and Brian Lane

Project Shorebird: an initiative to educate the community on the impact of climate change on coastal bird populations, Project Shorebird hosts an annual Welcoming the Shorebirds Lantern Procession.

Audubon Adventures:   Audubon Adventures is a resource and materials packet developed by professional educators and scientists which can be integrated easily into any curriculum area: science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and the creative arts. The program introduces young people to the world of nature and wildlife through colorful magazines, online features and interactive games and puzzles, plus activities. In cooperative program with Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, SPAS supplies Audubon Adventures to participating fourth grade classrooms.

Hog Island: SPAS offers a yearly scholarship to attend Hog Island Audubon Camp. Direct inquiries to Recent campers have shared their experiences here.

Individual Outreach: SPAS sponsors individual outreach programs for private and public schools. One annual event is our field trip to Fort DeSoto with Learning Gate. Direct inquiries to