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2016-17 Programs

Emily Angell, Archbold Biological Station
Feb. 21 - Birds and Bombs: Managing for Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers on an Air Force Range & Archbold Biological Station: 76 years of Research, Conservation, and Education in Florida’s Northern Everglades.

Wildlife Biologist Emily Angell shares the strategies and surprises of monitoring a population of Federally Endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers (RCW). The talk covers RCW biology, habitat needs, and research methods. The audience can learn how Emily’s team uses artificial nest cavity installations, bird translocations, and banding to care for their RCW population. Emily also talks about what it is like to be a wildlife biologist at an active air force range.

Emily Angell - Photo by Dustin Angell 

Dustin Angell, Archbold Biological Station Education Coordinator, describes the station’s celebration of organization’s 76th year with stories and photographs. He highlights Archbold’s work with Florida Scrub-Jays, rare plants, and fire ecology.

Mar. 21 - Birds and Butterflies in Pinellas County. What is the bug? 

James Stevenson, University of Florida. 
IFAS Extension Service Extension Specialist in Pinellas County introduces you to the wonderful world of insects including everyone’s favorite, butterflies. You might be surprised to find our “creepy-crawlies” have a lot to admire!

Apr. 18 - “Becoming a Frog Eavesdropper”

Frog in Pond @ Flatwoods Park by Sensing Nature
Wondering what animals are talking in the night and what they are saying? Must be an alligator...or is it a pig frog?

Could that be a quacking duck?

Maybe a squirrel scolding? Or are they just frogs chatting?

Join Sensing Nature, biologists Jeanne Murphy & Brian Lane to visually learn some of our common Florida frogs (and toads), as well as learning their calls too. Next, grab one of our Sensing Nature Frog Callers and join our froggy jamboree. That way the next night you hear them talking, you can join in their conversation too.
Frog in Pond @ Flatwoods Park - Sensing Nature LLC
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