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Audubon Connections

Annual Birdathon for Scrub-Jays

Read the Team Oriole's successful count of 128 species for 24 hours of birding for the Birds.

24 Hours of Birding for the Birds
Download the Jay Watch Report of Team Orioles successful adventures.

Audubon Florida

Be sure to read the Spring Issue of Audubon Florida Naturalist: The Gulf Issue. The Gulf Issue

Audubon's Dave Hopkins and Paul Ingram are the Issue in the article "The Case for Coastal Bird Conservation". 

Other Highlights: 
  • Five Years after the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  • Florida’s Coastal Birds Need You
  • A Restored Environment, A Vibrant Economy
  • Reddish Egret
  • American Oystercatcher

Go to the bottom of this page to download it.

Regional Audubon Chapters

Check out the other Tampa Bay area Audubon regional chapters. They are valuable resource to support environmental and educational efforts.
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