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2018 Project Shorebird

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Project Shorebird is a St. Petersburg Audubon Society initiative to educate the community on the impact of climate change on coastal bird populations.

Visit the Project Shorebird website for information on shorebirds, climate change, and other issues related to our coastal environment. You can also connect with Project Shorebird on Faceboook

2017 Project Shorebird Welcoming the Shorebirds Lantern Procession

2017 Welcoming the Shorebirds Paper Lantern Procession

Some photos by Kim Kandz

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2016 Welcoming the Shorebirds Paper Lantern Procession

Welcoming the Shorebirds!

St. Pete Audubon Project Shorebird at St. Pete for First Night

St. Petersburg Audubon /Project Shorebird partnered with Funktionhouse Urban Lumber and Furnishings in celebrating shorebirds at St. Petersburg's First Night celebration.  Funktionhouse created wooden relief blocks depicting shorebirds in their coastal habitats. Adults and children created beautiful wooden relief prints to take home .

While St. Petersburg Audubon Society volunteers assisted with the printmaking project, other First Night participants “fed” the large Black Skimmer puppet. The Black Skimmer made an appearance every hour, scooping up silver fish from the crowd, and teaching some important lessons on the impact of climate change on these and other shorebirds. The puppet was designed by Eckerd College professor Jessica Thoenen.

Andrea Leavitt Anderson (center), Climate Change Chairperson, Wanda Dean (right) and volunteers describe the story of the life of a Black Skimmer with a shadow puppet.

SPAS had a great opportunity to talk about Audubon, local habitat and conservation. Also, the visitors were impressed with a replica of a Black Skimmer nest.

Black Skimmer nest replica

Thank you volunteers for your help creating art and fun with First Night participates celebrating shorebirds and the New Year.

  • Andrea Andersen
  • Kathryn Jeakle, Shorecrest Elementary teacher
  • Dorothea Anderson, Ridgecrest Elementary teacher
  • Judi Hopkins
  • Alice Tenney
  • Laura Packard
  • Wanda Dean
  • John and Nancy Ogden