ROTM: Follow Dark Arrow, the Short-tailed Hawk

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Dark Arrow in Flight - Clayton
Dark Arrow in Flight - Joanna Clayton

ROTM: Following Dark Arrow

01.06.1Dark Arrow seems to have a problem with his transmitter.  The battery levels are low and he has not been sending data regularly since Dec. 17, 2017.  When we do get a signal, its only one or two data points suggesting there is not enough battery power to send the stored data.  I was quite worried for a few weeks because the last data point we had gave a location in the middle of a parking lot near Koger Blvd.  However the data points from today (see second close up photo for DA) show that he is in the middle of a densely wooded area on Weedon Island - hopefully a safe place with available food. We're hoping that whatever is causing the lack of battery charge will correct itself asap!
Dark Arrow 1-6-18

Dark Arrow 1-6-18

12.15.17 No new data since Nov. 27.  The attached photo gives his location on that date.  He appears to have been on the golf course north of 62th Ave. N.  Did he leave? Find a better place? Just have to wait and see.

10.24.2017 Dark Arrow is still flying around the Sawgrass Lake area going east to the shore of Tampa Bay and west to mid-Pinellas.  He seems to have spent the night of Oct. 17 an the shore of Tampa Bay.  I've marked his last location for that date but the previous three GPS points from earlier that day are just south of the night roosting spot.
Dark Arrow  10-17-2017 01

Dark Arrow  10-17-2017 02

10.6.17 Dark Arrow is still chugging along. He weathered the storm and was active almost immediately afterward. Here's a couple of shots to show where he is as of Oct. 3. He's still staying in the area.
Dark Arrow 10-2017 A

Dark Arrow 10-2107 B

8.28.17 Dark Arrow is still within his territory of Sawgrass Lake Park. The two data points over Tampa Bay just north of Gandy Blvd are from yesterday. He stopped in the fringe of mangroves right at the edge of Tampa Bay and most likely roosted for the night. Hopefully the mosquitoes weren't too bad.
Dark Arrow 8.28.17

8.12.17 Dark Arrow is still hanging around Sawgrass Lake Park; just jumping out to the east and west occasionally. Otherwise he is doing what a short-tailed hawk is supposed to do - hang around home.

Dark Arrow 8.12.17

A map of Dark Arrow's movements during its first week after release shows that it is staying pretty close to Sawgrass Lake Park with a few excursions out to the shoreline of Tampa Bay.

Dark Arrow Movements Week One