The Bird-Vangelist

SPAS welcomes Steve, the Bird-Vangelist, to the website. Steve will be sharing insights, anecdotes and observations on his in-the-field experiences. Kick back with an iced tea and enjoy some arm-chair birding as you observe nature through his binoculars.

Fall 2017  

Two Yellow Throated Warblers in the oak canopy tell a different story than TV weathermen yammering about heat index and the summer shower patterns.  The mercury may be headed for the 90’s but FALL MIGRATION IS STARTING

The pair flit from branch to branch, their yellow and black glows in the morning sunlight.  Their breathtaking beauty kindles the same warm flash as seeing old friends, the summer’s layoff intensifies a soft spark to electric jolt.

Fall migration is so many ways the opposite of its spring counterpart.  Spring is frenetic…Cardinals crooning, females eyeing males in fresh breeding plumage.  All choreographed to nature’s silent stopwatch.  Fall is less rushed, lacking the hormonal rage of spring.  A ‘brunch feel’, meandering through August, September and early October.  Spring is ‘breakfast on the run’, starting in April and a memory by early May.

Regardless of seasons, the walk is about the birds.  The sense of discovery I get focusing binos on these magnificent creatures.  My entire being smiles.  Don’t get me wrong, nature is a big part of the experience.  Butterflies, trees, and streams drain modern life’s tension. Our time together is short, warblers off to the next tree and next bug, people off to the next bird, Titmice heard chattering up the trail.  My warbler friends are most likely passing through, roughly the half way point to their Central American winter home.  Some stay, most keep going.

The hopeless romantic in me wonders if I’ll see them on their return trip next spring – with fresh feathers and lookin’ for love.

Florida is graced with two migrations, each with different tones and rhythms, nature providing a different backdrop.  Two opportunities to see incomparable diversity, color and movement 


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