Shell Key Preserve Management Plan

Swans-Be Heard- William Pohley

From Dan Savercool, Conservation Chair, SPAS:

The Pinellas County Department of Environmental Management, Environmental Lands Division is revising the 2007 Shell Key Preserve Management Plan. They are soliciting public input by inviting representatives from various organizations that have an interest in Shell Key, and St. Petersburg Audubon was one of the organizations invited to participate in the revision of the plan.

The Draft 2017 Shell Key Preserve Management Plan has been distributed to the public groups . You may read the document here . The other month I took a critical look at the 2007 plan and now am comparing the two documents. Since my participation in the process is as a representative of St. Petersburg Audubon, I would like to convene a small group of members who would be willing to also review the document. Within a couple of weeks this small group can meet to discuss our comments and concerns, collate these all into one list that we agree upon (as much as possible), and then I would attend the Shell Key Advisory Group Public Meeting (currently scheduled for 25 September from 6-8 PM) to present our comments/concerns. Interested members can email me at savercoold@aol , or call me (240-793-5455) to volunteer.

Update 1/7/2018: Thank you to all who responded. The county is awaiting the results of the hydrodynamic study of sand transport along their southern coastline being performed by USF. Once that study is complete, the county and the public will review and revise the management plan in accordance with the results of the study.

Photo- William Pohley/Audubon