Application Submission Information

The application period for 2017-18 has closed. Please consider applying during the 2018-19 season.

The St. Petersburg Audubon Society (SPAS) is pleased to announce the Student Grants Program to support students with demonstrated interests in research and conservation that are relevant to SPAS’s mission . The SPAS Student Grants Program seeks to assist outstanding students from the greater Tampa Bay region who stand to make meaningful contributions to the conservation of natural resources. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program at an institution in the greater Tampa Bay region. Applicants must be majoring in biology, ecology, environmental policy, natural sciences, or a closely related field. Students from other institutions who are conducting research relevant to the Tampa Bay watershed and SPAS’s mission are also encouraged to apply. Awards will range up to $2,000.

Complete applications will include the following materials:

    • Personal statement: Provide a succinct statement of your goals and relevant experience (e.g. professional experience, volunteer activities, internships). — 500 word limit.
    • Project summary and budget request: Provide a concise overview of your proposed project and a budget statement explaining the allocation of funds. Specifically address the following questions: What do you plan to accomplish? How will you conduct your project? When and where will you work? How does your project relate to SPAS’s mission? Please note that funding from this program may not be used for institutional overhead expenses. — 1000 word limit.
    • Two personal references: Provide the names and contact information for two individuals who could speak to your abilities; do not request a letter from these individuals.
    • Letter of recommendation: Submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor.
    • Institutional contact person: Provide the name and contact information for a person at your institution who can confirm your enrollment and eligibility to receive funding. Typically, this faculty advisor also provides your letter of recommendation. He or she will be responsible for approving funds disbursements.
    • One-page resume: Submit a brief resume outlining your educational achievements and any experience relevant to this opportunity. Please include your current contact information in this document. — 1 page limit.

Applications must be submitted online, via email, or post-marked [deadline TBA]

    • Most submission requirements can be satisfied by completing the online application form.
    • The letter of recommendation and resume must be submitted by email or post.
    • Email applications to:
    • Mail applications to: St. Petersburg Audubon Society, PO Box 12407, St. Petersburg, Florida 33733-2407
    • Please contact us at or 727-894-5940 with application questions.

Please pay careful attention to the application requirements, length limits, and submission deadlines. Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.