Will the Student Grants Program solicit applications each year?

Yes, as long as funding permits. Please check our website or Facebook page for program announcements.

When are the Student Grants Program deadlines?

Check the application submission page for details. Each fall, we will make an announcement regarding the availability of funding for this program for the coming year. We will begin receiving applications in January and announce award recipients in the spring, by April or May.

Should my interest or focus be on birds?

No, but it doesn't hurt! Your conservation interests or research focus need not be on birds. Please review the Applicant Eligibility page for further details. St. Petersburg Audubon’s mission is to Protect and restore natural ecosystems important to birds and other wildlife through responsible activism and education. We are an organization founded in bird conservation but we promote ecosystem-based conservation approaches. Our Student Grants Program features applicants who align with this mission.

Are undergraduate and graduate students eligible for this program?

Yes, we encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to apply for funding.

May I include institutional overhead fees in my grant application?

No, funding from this program may not be applied to institutional overhead fees. Applicants must coordinate with their academic adviser and institutional representative regarding the disbursement of funding.

Who do I contact with questions regarding this program?

Please email the Student Grants Program coordinator at birdsofprey@stpeteaudubon.org .