Hooked Birds

St. Pete Audubon is teaming up with Pinellas County, Ft. De Soto Park, and other local groups to initiate a Hooked Birds Program on Gulf Pier. The session will feature information on how to prevent waterbird entanglement and how to effectively remove line from hooked birds.

Volunteers are needed to educate fishers on Gulf Pier at Ft. De Soto Park and assist entangled birds by removing line or calling local rehabbers. A similar program has seen success at the Skyway Fishing Piers, and, with your help, we hope to see a decrease in entanglements and injuries at the Gulf Pier too!

This virtual program will be an introduction to the St. Petersburg Audubon's Hooked Bird volunteer program . The training will be led by Holley Short (Programs Chair, SPAS) with the help of Fairl Thomas (Birds in Helping Hands) and Jayden Jech (Student Chair, SPAS). If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with St. Petersburg Audubon's Hooked Bird Program, please contact Holley conservationchair@stpeteaudubon.org or Jayden jayden.jech@stpeteaudubon.org for more information.

When: Thursday December 17, 6:30 pm

Save hooked birds - Don't cut the line!

Our waterbirds are in constant peril from fishing line and hooks! The Tampa Audubon Society has built a multi-organizational committee that brainstorms and implements ideas to decrease injury and mortality to waterbirds caused by fishing line and hooks. This is a HUGE problem; it is pervasive in all parts of the county, wherever fishing is allowed, whether saltwater or freshwater. However, we believe most people would do the right thing, if they just knew what that was. Read more here.

What to Do if You Hook a Pelican [TAS].pdf