Birding in Pinellas

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Written by Pinellas birding expert Ron Smith, Birding Pinellas features an interactive map of Pinellas county that will help you:

  • Start strong. Choose from the most highly recommended birding locations in the county.
  • Build your life list. Search for the best place to find a Pinellas specialty.
  • Bird in the now. Click and connect to the most recent eBird list for your location.
  • Bird like a local. Each park review contains insider tips for making the best of your trip.
  • Connect with local birders. Connect with SPAS through our website, our email program, or Facebook page.

Keep a Life List

A life-list keeps you mindful, motivated and is a good yardstick. Life-lists are the stuff ‘Type A’ birders are made of and equally worthwhile for everyone else. Have one. - The Birdvangelist

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Header Photo: W. Meehan