The mission of St. Petersburg Audubon Society is to promote and provide environmental education and, through responsible activism, protect, restore and preserve natural ecosystems for both people and wildlife.

    Global Shark Finning Crisis and Its Implications for Marine Ecosystems

    Join us on Tuesday, September 23 for our first fall program which will focus on Shark ConservationJoe Cavanaugh, a local marine scientist, will share his research into the global shark finning crisis.

    As top predators, sharks are essential pieces of the marine ecosystem puzzle in many parts of the ocean. Many shark populations are declining, even facing extinction in some areas.

    Last Stop: Extinction

    Credit: Joe Cavanaugh; featured on the Society for Conservation Biology News Blog on 10 April, 2014.

    Joe will discuss:
    • Impact that shark finning has on sharks and their marine ecosystems.
    • Social and economic aspects of the shark fin industry as well as the extent of the global shark finning trade. 
    • Recent signs for hope in the form of successful campaigns aimed at changing cultural perceptions.
    • Feature messages of complex economic, ecological and cultural change that are present in many of the conservation challenges that we face
    Join us in September for what is sure to be an enlightening discussion

    Meeting Day Changes

    St. Petersburg Audubon meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month starting on September 16.

    Bird Video of the Week

    Nesting Bald Eagles of Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

    8 Week Old Eaglet
    Video and photos by George Lepp

    Witness the life of Nesting Bald Eagles at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon.

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    Environmental Classes/Events

    St. Petersburg Audubon provides educational programs by providing Shorebird classes, the St. Pete Youth Program, Audubon Adventures and the Dr. Albers Teacher Ecology Camp. 

    We also support other educational classes and events by listing them in Environmental Class/Events.

    New updated Pinellas County Bird Checklist now available. Select above link or go to Field Trip page and download file.

    New Board Member and Returning Board member to St. Petersburg Audubon Society Board

    Laura Packard and Wanda Dean have joined the 2014-15 St. Petersburg Audubon Board.

    We would like to welcome Laura Packard as a new member to St. Petersburg Audubon Board.

    Wanda Dean, is back on the Board as our Education Chair. You can contact her at

    Laura Packard, a John Hopkins middle school teacher and a great bird photographer, is joining the St. Petersburg Audubon Board. Her first project is helping to re-imagine the New Year Day Birding Open. So far there is a sponsor, participants will need to pre-register for the event to get the best price. 

    All money raised will be going to St. Petersburg Audubon.

    Ft. DeSoto is the location for the Birding Open with a picnic lunch planned for participants as part of entry fee. Laura will be helping to finalize plans this summer. Send your ideas to Laura at

    June 2014 Wingspan

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    June 2014 Issue

    The Program, Field Trip and Event brochure will be mailed to all SPAS members in late Summer with the Fall edition of WingSpan.

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    Starting with the January 2015 Wingspan, we will be using St. Petersburg Audubon Society ONLY membership roster for bulk mailing of our newsletter, not the National Audubon listings. 

    Reason for this change is the cost of mailing to 1280 members who may or may not want to receive our newsletter. Wingspan will be available to all members by going to our website:

    We will use our current mailing list in September. All members will receive our Program Guide to meetings and field trips. The St. Petersburg Audubon Society ONLY membership application and an envelope to process your request. 

    St. Petersburg Audubon ONLY membership runs from January – December of each year. 

    All members will need to renew before January for the limited mailing list.

    The Board of Directors of St. Petersburg Audubon Society, after many requests, is offering
    a SPAS Only Membership. Membership will be from January to December of each year. 

    $20 for individual and $25 for family for this trial period this year. Membership money will be used to support all of our local programs.

    Mail membership check to:

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